~  The talent will sound authentic if they are comfortable and are able to communicate the  client talking points through experiences that matter to them personally, achieving this  through storytelling by way of thoughtful preparation.

Our collective experience shooting 100+ ‘real people’ profile spots ranging from Walmart television commercials to Compass industrials makes us particularly well suited for this campaign. Meticulous preparation during pre-production determines the success in this type of creative. To achieve the goal of capturing the client’s talking points through a comfortable subject using their own words, we will establish contact with the talent before the shoot. It’s about building trust by allowing them to get to know us. Most importantly, we learn about who they are and what is important to them. Excavating their story while building trust is how we will find the intersection of the client’s needs and their experience, which is where the authentic response will come from.
Production Essentials Comparable Examples
Cinematic Storytelling Style
Stand Up To Cancer​​​​​​​  
In this Stand Up To Cancer evergreen, rich cinematography was executed to drive the client copy, enabling the viewer to see the story as strongly as we hear the story through lightly scripted interview segments.
Emotional Mood 
Nikola Labs​​​​​​​  
The goal of Nikola Lab’s story was to convey the aspirations of living in a world of wirelessly powered device technology by using emotional storytelling and lush b-roll.
‘Real Person’ Authenticity
With this Walmart campaign, we tailored the personalized messaging in the ads by the careful handling of the talent in pre-production, ensuring that we created a spot highlighting a real person with relatable issues the viewing audience can connect with.
Pre Production 
Set Photographer
Storyboard Designer

Zoom interview or meeting with talent prior to shoot
We will conduct an interview with the talent to mine the unique story, to develop the b-roll opportunities and to give them a chance to get to know us and ask us questions.
Location Shoot and Shot Book/Storyboard Creation  
We will visit the shoot location to photograph the space, develop assets for the shot book and make notes about lighting and sound considerations.
Script Talent Copy + B-Roll Shot List Creation
We will interface with Client and Agency to develop the copy and shot lists.

1 - 2 Weeks Projected (flexible depending on project scope)
Personnel + Expenses
Cinematographer + 4K Camera Kit
Sound Mixer
HMU (Hair and Makeup + Kit)
Director | Photographer
Crafty / Catering
Equipment Rental
DIT with Drives

This proposal is formatted for Covid-19 social distancing protocol.  No more than 3 crew will be on set with talent at any given time. All other crew will be off-set and will swap out with other crew as needed.  Minimal set personnel will be Cinematographer, Director and Sound Mixer. DIT and HMU will come to set only when needed, and will swap with Director.  A strict 6 foot distancing and glove/mask protocol will be adhered to the entirety of the shoot. Shoot will be scheduled for 6 hours but will wrap as soon as we capture all of our assets.  Interview will be shot first, followed by b-roll and photo shoot.

1 Shoot Day (6 Hours)
Post Production 
Personnel + Expenses
Editor Package : Picture Lock / Color Correction and Grading / Audio Finishing and Mastering
Music Compositions and Licensing 

Full responsive review process over Zoom calls with Client and Agency during editing phase.  Data management will be handled through a minimum of 2 physical locations and cloud storage. Data will be managed for the duration of the campaign through delivery.

1 Week Full Delivery  |   2 Days to first rough edit  |   5 Days to final delivery
Deliverables Per Profile 
TV/Web Optimized Vertical and Horizontal 
30 sec, 15 sec, 6 sec Video Spots