A creative initiative by Keida Mascaro and Nicholas Flandro.
Arguably our favorite offering is our ability to come aboard with the creative development of your project.  At our core, we are storytellers. We enjoy thinking from problem solving and value adding perspectives, and can lead in the management of ideation sessions, deck building, conceptualization and pitching.  We can create ideas from scratch as well as assist in polishing a solid project. We build decks, create character bibles, design storyboards and shoot sizzle reels, bringing on carefully selected collaborators to create content that makes an impact.
We produce film, video, photographic and animated content for our clients.  Each production is crafted out of the specific needs of the creative, and we thoughtfully curate the right team to move the project to its intended goal.  We are detail junkies and consider every aspect of the production from cameras to foley, casting to locations. Everything is important; we adhere to the classic French code, “Mise en place, mise en scene.”
Publishing is possibly the most mysterious aspect of our industry, and we are excited to assist with your deliverables and publishing strategy.  Maybe your project needs to be formatted for a television media buy? Perhaps your content needs to be managed on your social media platforms? A publicity campaign might be needed?  There are a lot of options in this digital age, and we customize a publishing strategy that incorporates sourcing and on-boarding the right partners to help you maximize impact of the content we create together.
We are Mascaro Flandro.
Keida Mascaro
Keida Mascaro is a Los Angeles based film and video producer, director and photographer.  After attending SUNY Purchase in New York, Keida began his career as a performance artist as well as playing guitar for the LA band The Pinks, and eventually moved into conceptual video installation before attending The Ohio State University’s MFA program where he studied under Ann Hamilton.  The past 10 years Keida has produced and directed dozens of commercials for Walmart and other notable clients, as well as developed and produced the horror film Batibat starring Nicholas Gonzalez.  Keida’s next film is a dramatic feature covering the topics of American identity, immigration, and PTSD entitled New Americans, set to begin principal photography in 2020.

Nicholas Flandro
Nicholas Flandro is a Los Angeles based video producer and director. Growing up in northeast Ohio, Flandro was involved in the art and music from a young age, starting musical projects and playing Cleveland and Akron clubs. He attended Ohio University, studying film and studio arts and continued his interest in music by forming bands and playing out.  After graduation, Flandro moved to Chicago Illinois, pursuing music and starting his career as a video producer and visual artist. In Chicago he formed Univore with partner David Bachmann and released six LPs. As a video producer Flandro has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 brands to startups and independent artists. Flandro is committed to great ideas and making things.